Asian Box Turtles

Asian Box Turtle Diet

Asian Box Turtle Diet and Information

You want to make sure that your Asian box turtle is eating right to keep it healthy. The main thing to keep in mind is that they are omnivores; they eat both plant and animal matter in the wild. You should give them this same diet while they are in captivity.

The balance of plant and animal matter will depend on which species or subspecies of Asian box turtle you have. Some species, such as the Chinese three-striped box turtle, focus much heavier on animal matter; whereas the Malayan box turtle eats more plant matter. Do research on the species you own to find out what kind of balance you should have.

Asian Box Turtle Diet
Asian Box Turtle Diet

Some reptiles do not need to be fed very often, but Asian box turtles should be fed daily.

Plant Matter

If you have a large enclosure, you may be able to plant aquatic plants in your Asian box turtle environment. This can be ideal, as not only can they use the plants for food; but they will help to oxygenate the water the turtles live in.

Asian box turtles like to eat things like aquatic plants, romaine lettuce, kale, and similar leafy greens.

Many of them love to eat fruit like strawberries and raspberries but don’t spoil them too much. Make sure they’re getting lots of greens and not just their favourite treat.

Animal Matter

Insects are the most common prey of turtles this size in the wild. They’ll happily eat insects such as grubs, earthworms, mealworms, and crickets. Local pet stores often carry a variety of different feeder insects.

If you have a larger turtle, you can also feed them small mice. Pet stores sell baby mice that have been frozen. You can thaw these out and then place them in your turtle’s enclosure.

Something to note about animal matter is that it plays a large role in the turtle’s diet when they are young. While adult turtles tend to have a more mixed diet, hatchlings that are still growing; and thus need the extra protein, keeps a diet containing more animal matter.

Closeup Image of Box Turtle
Closeup Image of Box Turtle


Water is very important to a turtle. It warrants mentioning here because of how vital fresh drinking water is to their diet. But they also need it to soak in, to swim in, and to help keep their environment humid. Asian box turtles require an enclosure that is half underwater, and you will need a filter to keep the water fresh and oxygenated.


Sunlight may not technically be part of a “diet,” but its rays do provide vitamins that most living creatures need to survive; Asian box turtles being one of them. If you have an indoor enclosure, you will need to buy a special bulb that simulates the sun’s rays. Occasionally taking them outside can also help. Don’t leave them unattended (they are quicker than you think) and don’t place them in the open grass; for the sake of overheating and parasites respectively.

Calcium Powder

It can help your turtle stay strong and healthy to sprinkle some calcium powder on their food. Do this a few times a week. You can also talk to your vet about any other supplements that could help.

Asian Box Turtles can be enjoyable and interesting pets – but you must do proper research on the exact species you want to keep to provide them with the proper diet.

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