Baby Florida Box Rurtle

Follow two baby Florida Box turtles


Baby Florida Box Rurtle

Picture from Tiny Turtle Journey

Today I want to recommend a website that has it all. A gripping tale, loads of information about the Florida box turtle (T. carolina bauri) and perhaps most importantly a lot of cute pictures of baby turtles.

Tiny Turtle Journey follows the story of two baby Florida Box turtles, Popeye and Pinto Bean. Both little babies hatched August of 2013. No one had observed the mother laying the eggs nor knew that she had been mated so the two babies showed up as an unexpected blessing. In the blog you can read about the caretakers scramble to provide the babies with the best possible opportunity to grow up into healthy adults and to allow their upbringing to act as an ambassador for the species

The blog contains a lot of well written posts, a lot of very cute pictures of baby turtles as well as information on how to raise and care fore both baby and adult Florida box turtles

You can go here to read how the story started or go to Tiny Turtle Journey to read the entire adventure. I strongly recommend a visit and bookmark the site so that you are able to follow these two little babies as they grow up into adults.


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