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Follow Two Baby Florida Box Turtles

Today I want to recommend a website that has it all. A gripping tale, with loads of information about the Florida box turtle (T. carolina bauri) and perhaps most importantly a lot of cute pictures of baby turtles.

Tiny Turtle Journey follows the story of two baby Florida Box turtles, Popeye and Pinto Bean. Both babies hatched in August of 2013. No one had observed the mother laying the eggs nor knew that she had been mated so the two babies showed up as an unexpected blessing. In the blog, you can read about the caretaker’s scramble to provide the babies with the best possible opportunity to grow up into healthy adults and to allow their upbringing to act as an ambassador for the species.

Follow Two Baby Florida Box Turtles
Follow Two Baby Florida Box Turtles

The blog contains a lot of well-written posts, a lot of very cute pictures of baby turtles as well and information on how to raise and care for both baby and adult Florida box turtles

You can go here to read how the story started or go to Tiny Turtle Journey to read the entire adventure. I strongly recommend a visit and bookmark the site so that you can follow these two babies as they grow up into adults.


  1. We can’t thank you enough for this feature! We are so excited to have an endorsement from you and we appreciate it so so much. Your website is full of so much great information about all different box turtles, and is such a great resource! We’ve added a link to to our links page, and plan to feature a pingback to you guys as well.
    Thanks so much for your support of Tiny Turtle Journey, and we hope that you continue to follow our journey and enjoy it every step of the way.

  2. You more than deserve it. It is an excellent blog you got there and I am happy that I found it. I will keep following your adventure!

  3. So the video isn’t to try and find a home for the turtle? Because it kind of came across that way to me too. Super cool video though. When was the video taken? Recently?

  4. There is something truly irresistible about baby turtles, and baby box are among the cutest there are. Great site and nice photos – thank you for sharing them!


  5. Hey! I just found, yesterday, in my back yard, a very tiny tortoise, shell’s the size of a quarter. I want to make sure it survives. Currently it’s in an empty ten-gallon tank with some fresh spinach and mashed up sweet potato. Any tips for feeding and care? Call me if you want at 813-546-2282. Thanks

  6. Reading this size for Desert Box was given as 35 cm which is about 14 inches. Isn’t that a little large for a Box Turtle?

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